How was your TOTAL ECLIPSE experience? Did you get to see the totality? Did you travel for it? Would love to hear about your experience.

Well, the world is still standing, even after all of the chaos that we’ve been experiencing as a nation. Social media remains an extremely divided (and divisive) place right now and even the upcoming football season doesn’t seem to be immune from the relentless culture clashes we’re experiencing as a society.

Will the things that we’re going through as a nation settle into a calmer, more just and peaceful state? It remains to be seen.

But what does still seem clear is that what I wrote about last week still seems prescient, and perhaps even more appropriate. I’ll rehash it here, with some comments…

Mensa’s Key Reminder #1: What you choose to “ingest” over these next few days will greatly impact your state-of-mind.

If you chose to ignore this advice, it’s likely your blood pressure felt the consequences. Truly — the “mass” media do better (financially) when there is chaos, so there is a very real, monetary at least, incentive for them to highlight turmoil. If you’re wise, you steer clear. I’m not suggesting that you stick your head in the sand, just … use a strong filter.

Mensa’s Key Reminder #2: The only thing certain about the stock market is that it’s volatile.

This is NOT “investment advice”: but I will remind you that it’s almost always a good idea to hold fast — sure, the short-termers may have profited from recent gyrations, but what’s most important, for your family’s financial future, is that you keep the loooong view.

Which, of course, leads me to my last reminder…

Mensa’s Key Reminder #3: The only thing you can truly control is yourself. 

With every passing week, I see the growing truth of this statement. The economy, your job situation, your retirement — it’s all out of your hands, in a very real sense.

That said, we met with families and clients last week in Connecticut who were taking positive action. With our advice, just a few small tweaks can realize real, tangible savings over the course of years.

Which is why I’m giving you one more chance on what I suggested last week:

Call my office this week: (203) 244-9563 (or reply to this note by sending us an email) and request one of our limited Tax Planning Saver Sessions. During this session, we will analyze your current situation and identify clear action steps for the last quarter of 2017 — designed to save your bottom line hundreds (or even thousands).

You CAN control your tax strategy… and we can help. Until then…


Emelia Mensa
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Emelia Mensa CPA